Why Work With Me

"Life is not short - it is exactly as long as it needs to be for each one of us to accomplish what we want to accomplish. It just takes courage to do that. I will help you do that."
Samantha Patel

My purpose in life is to help people on their path of self-discovery  - I have been helping people throughout my career in Human Resources on 4 continents (Australia, Europe, US and Asia). I held senior executive roles at companies such as Leighton's, Bilfinger Berger, Pfizer, WorldCom, Allen & Overy, and the experience I gained with them enables me to understand and solve complex issues at a personal and an organizational level.

I work with people at all levels on enhancing their personal and work-life effectiveness. What I offer is not just feedback and support; I challenge people's assumptions, opinions, habits and thinking. There is no "one right way" to coach and so I don't use models or "cookie cutter" coaching approach, or system.

I draw on my experience, positive psychology, traditional psychology, organisational behaviour etc. to provide a completely unique experience for every individual.

Because I love learning new things, all my consulting work is based on collaboration/research with various business schools or  other organisations (Harvard, Yale, AHRI, CIPD etc.) to ensure that I'm always up-to-date. After all, my clients deserve the best!

If you are brave enough to walk along with me on this path - CALL ME NOW FOR A FREE 30-MINUTES CONSULTATION!


My clients say:

"Hi Sam, I am going through a really difficult time at work but I am handling it so well. I keep thinking how differently I would have managed it before I started doing the coaching with you." 
Caroline S., GM,  Sydney

"I  highly recommend coaching with Sam to anyone who wants to get unstuck in their career or life. She is an insightful, funny, loving, thoughtful, challenging and direct but she helped me to believe in my own abilities and inner wisdom while showing me how to make subtle small changes and improvements to achieve big impact." 
David L., CEO, Sydney

"Samantha assisted me in developing clarity of thought, and building my confidence. She can be challenging but always respectful and warm. She encourages you to push yourself out of the comfort zone. These are just a few reasons why I told my colleagues and friends that they should reach out to Sam."
John E., Business Owner, Sydney

"Sam asks the right questions to lead me to very sound decisions. When I follow through on her “requests” I really benefit. She has helped me to focus and to think my decision throughe. She taught me to look at problems in different ways, and I believe I am a better leader today because of the coaching I received from Sam". 
Hannah B., Author, Sydney

"As to the value for my money? Absolutely! I would recommend Sam. She makes me look at at things in a new way. This is good.  It works! " 
Marcus R, Executive, Sydney

I hired Sam when I relocated to Sydney. She helped me settle into my new role, and her insights and challenging questions helped me to avoid some potentially sticky political situations with my colleagues. 
Peter M.,  Marketing Manager, Melbourne